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The innovative blue safety light helps avoid forklift/pedestrian collisions. In the USA alone, there are 19,000 forklift/pedestrian accidents each year. Sure backup alarms are effective, but what happens when employees are listening to music, talking on cell phones, or staring at the ground?

That’s where the blue safety light can help! Install the blue light on the rear (or even the front & sides) portion of the forklift’s overhead guard. A focused beam of blue light will appear on the ground behind the forklift.

• Long life LED (greater than 30,000 hour life expectancy)
• 12-80 volts (newly upgraded from 48v), DC (higher voltages supported with a voltage converter)
• 0.5A current draw @ 12v
• 2 x 3 watts (Cree® LEDs)
• 400 Lumens (12000 Candela)
• Wire Harness Included (12″ length)
• UV-resistant polycarbonate lens
• Rugged solid state LEDs can withstand shock & vibration Die-cast aluminum housing provides maximum protection
• Moisture resistant enclosure (can be used outside. At night, the light is great, but the effect of the light in the sun is minimal)
• Operating Temperature -40 ~ +149ºF (-40º ~ +65ºC)
• M10x1.5 Mounting bolt
• All stainless steel mounting hardware
• 5-5/8″W x 3″D x 5″T overall dimensions
• Vibration Resistance
• CE RoHS IP67 IP68 ISO (suitable for use in dirty environments and for power washing)
• Lifetime no hassle mfr warranty (excluding abuse)
• Made in China

• Suggested wiring is to ground the black wire and connect the red wire to the strobe light’s positive wire. The current draw is minimal enough that the wire should be able to handle it just fine. You can also connect the light to the reverse alarms positive wire if you would like it to only be on while in reverse or if you lack a strobe light. Ideally though, you would want it on constantly for pedestrial safety.
• Typically, the light is mounted to the overhead guard near the strobe or rear worklight.
• It is recommended to focus the spot about 7-8 feet from the rear of the forklift.

Weight 2 lbs
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Blue LED Forklift Safety Spotlight (Lifetime MFG Warranty)

No-hassle lifetime warranty.

Strobe lights and back-up alarms tend to get lost in the environment. Not blue spot lights, they literally stick out like a beacon. This light paints a blue dot about 6″ in diameter on the ground in front of or behind a piece of equipment as a vibrant visual aid. If a piece of equipment is coming from around a corner, the light will be there ahead of it giving warning to the pedestrian or other drivers.


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