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Operates on the same basic principal as the standard FlatFork.  However this unit is designed specifically for material handling equipment that utilizes a tilting mast, such as a reach truck, telehandler,  or a boom lift.  The unit is requires very little in the way of installation and utilizes wireless technology.  One unit is mounted on the mast to sens the tilt and the other unit is mounted near to the operator to display the tilt angle.

• Tilting carriage functionality
• Wireless technology
Use in all normal conditions
• Works on either side of a mast (must specify)
• Under 2 minute install time
• Accurate to within 1/4 of a degree
• Attached with powerful neodymium magnets (no hardware required)
• Works on most lifts
• Adapts to bent or uneven forks
• Weather tight seal (NEW, these units are now IP67 rated)
• 1-Year average battery life

• Dimensions: 3-7/8″(L)x2-1/4″(W)x5-7/8(H)
• Weight (with batteries): 1 lb. 10 z. (727g)
• Power Source: 2 “D” batteries (either alkaline or lithium)
• Housing Material: ABS plastic, stainless steel fasteners, nickle-coated magnets, lexan labels.
• Country of Manufacture: USA (America)

These units are the same as the Skidlevel / Loadlevel units.  We feel that this product is superior to the Accu-tilt / Accutilt units due the fact that the unit is digital and the gauge doesn’t rock up and down with movement.

1. Is there any ongoing maintenance required?
Answer: No. Only changing the batteries as needed.

2. What is your product guarantee?
Answer: Within 1 year after purchase, you can return the unit to us for a full replacement if there is any manufacturing defect. You can return a unit for any reason for a full unconditional refund within 90 days of purchase.

3. How easy is it to change the batteries?
Answer: Really easy. Just unscrew the top cover to access the battery compartment.

4. If I want to move the unit from right side of the mast unit and later want to move it to the left side, can I do that?
Answer: Yes. The FlatFork is designed to work both right-side up and upside down. Just flip the unit over and attach it to the other side of the mast. The red/yellow/green lights will work as expected. Another option is to call us and we can send you out a front label that matches what side you want to use.

5. Our forklifts work outside in the rain a lot. Will this product last?
Answer: Yes it will. We use ABS plastic, stainless steel fasteners, nickle coated magnets and UV protected and waterproof lexan labels for durability. We also seal our units with silicone.

6. I have a cold temperature warehouse, will the batteries last?
Answer: The lithium batteries that are used in the “extreme conditions” model should last 1-2 years, despite the cold conditions.

7. Our forklifts work in dirty, cold conditions and we wash them with high- pressure spray hoses. Which model should we use?
Answer: The “Extreme Conditions” model, which has an IP55 rating for water and dust proofing, and has the option to use lithium D batteries for freezing conditions.

8. How do I turn the unit on and off?
Answer: You don’t. It’s motion-activated and turns on and off automatically depending on whether the forklift is being used.

Set up and Installation instructions:
1. If lights are not on, remove cover and install 2 “D” batteries. Lights will turn on.
2. Park forklift on a level surface.
3. Place FlatFork with lights up and down on a fork, near the mast.
4. Using forklift’s tilt control, slowly tilt forks until the green light flashes twice. (Red light = not level; Yellow light = closer to level; Green light = level)
5. Without changing forklift tilt, pick up FlatFork and attach magnetic side to outside of forklift mast with lights facing driver. Adjust FlatFork on mast until the green light flashes twice.
6. Stick label or draw line on mast to mark level position of FlatFork. If FlatFork is moved, return it to original level position shown by label, or repeat steps 2-5.

Weight 8 lbs

Flat Fork - Fork Level Indicator (Order Picker / Reach Truck Version)

The standard FlatFork load level indicators are a simple, effective and very affordable product that allows the operator to have a clear understanding of how level the load is no matter what attachment they are using, or how high the product may be.


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