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A strong running and quick starting truck. Came off of long term rental & the driver didn’t want to give it up.

Make:                 Caterpillar / Mitsubishi
Model:                FGC25
Type:                  4-Wheel Sit Down
Weight:              8788
Capacity:           5000 Pound
Triple Mast:      187″ Lift Height
Tires:                 Cushion
Fuel:                  LP

Weight 8788 lbs
SKU: Mitsubishi0737

Caterpillar / Mitsubishi FGC25 5000 LB Forklift

A strong running single owner forklift. This unit went through our refurb shop and is ready to work hard for you!  

if you want a reliable unit that will not break the bank then you should grab this one today! You will not find a better running forklift for the price!