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Intended for under-seat usage, but can be mounted in any postition. Air enters through fan; warm air exits through side. The fan uses a 2 speed motor (switch required for lower speeds). This is an excellent choice for heating a forklift. Mounting Hardware (included).

These heaters need a coolant line to be hooked up to the heater. Heat provided through these liquid coolant has higher heat output and are very efficient compared to all electric heaters.

Case Material: Steel
Core Material: Ribbon Cell
Fan Material: ABS
Heating BTU/HR: 15,000
Air Flow Heating: 170 CFM
Power Requirements: 7.5A @ 12V
Fittings: 5/8″
Height: 4″ (102mm)
Length: 10″ (255mm)
Depth: 10″ (255mm)

Weight 8 lbs

Model AH500 16,000BTU Compact Universal Forklift Cab Heater (12v)

This heater is a great compromise between heat output and space.


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