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Snorkel lifts are a step above the competition. These lifts were made to outlast the competition in every way.

Snorkel towable boom lifts are designed to deliver low total ownership costs. Packed with features that benefit both the owner and operator, Snorkel lifts are setting a new standard within the industry.

The Snorkel TL-series are high specification, rugged, reliable towable boom lifts that are very cost-competitive. The machines are easy and low cost to maintain, while simple to operate. Towable with most cars and light commercial vehicles, these are entry-level machines that deliver a great return on investment.

Most TL-series lifts are available in a range of power options including gasoline, diesel, electric and bi-energy. Customize your work station with air to platform, a 230V generator and platform work lights.

This 49 ft towable lift‚Äôs articulating/telescopic boom and 140¬į jib offer a superb working envelope, providing class-leading outreach of 29 ft 10 in. Live hydraulic controls and heavy duty booms ensure the TL49J is a robust machine that is simple to operate, maintain and repair. A range of power options are available, including bi-energy.

Standard Features:
4’3″ 130¬į¬†Jib

In-Line Boom Design for Maximum Rigidity
Proportional Controls – Smooth movement, no more jerking every time you accelerate or slow down
Power Line to Platform – No need to have an extension cable dangling off of the side of the lift
Hydraulic Stabilizers

Hand Pump Emergency Lowering – Allows someone to lower you even if power is lost
Lock Valves on All Hydraulic Cylinders – An additional layer of protection from unexpected pressure loss
Hour Meter
2 Years Parts & Labor, 5 year Structural Warranty
ANSI & DOT Compliant


Special Features:
Snorkel control wiring and mounting comparison to genie  Fixed Control Box

Avoids issues with wiring being sheared or pinched.
Also keeps theives at bay.

Snorkel control button switch comparison to genie  Heavy Duty Switches
Most manufacturers use blister switches.  Operators
are fully aware of how long they DON’T last. ¬†Usually,
their original function is completely worn off and you
have to use a fingernail in order to push the button.



Special Paint Colors
Friction Drive Assist Package
Work Lights in Platform
Flashing Amber Light
Airline to Platform
Nylon Spreader Pads (set of 4)
110v/220v AC Power
Gasoline Power
Bi-Energy (Gas + Batteries) Power
Environmental Hydraulic Oil
CSA Compliant

Additional Specifications

 Max. Working Height  54 Feet 1 Inches
 Max. Platform Height
 48 Feet 1 Inches  
 Max. Horizontal Reach  27 Feet 10 Inches
 Platform Width  3 Feet 9 Inches  C
 Platform Depth  2 Feet 4 Inches  D
¬†Stabilizer Footprint ¬†15’9″ x 15’5″ ¬†AxB
 Towing Length  23 Feet 3 Inches  F
 Towing Width  5 Feet 8 Inches  E
 Stowed Height  7 Feet 2 Inches  G
 Platform Capacity (SWL)  475 lbs.
 Max. Wind Speed  28 mph
 Jib Length  4 Feet 3 Inches
¬†Jib Arc ¬†130¬į
¬†Platform Rotation ¬†90¬į
¬†Superstructure Rotation (Non-Continuous) ¬†680¬į
 Wheels  205/75 R16
 Controls  Hydraulic Proportional
 Power Source  24v DC Battery (electric)
 Battery  4 x 6v 195Ah
 Power Options  Gas, Bi-Energy, AC Electric
 Weight  5,269 lbs.

Snorkel TL49J Dimensions
Snorkel TL49J Working Envelope



Snorkel Upright Xtreme Lifts

Weight 11000 lbs
Dimensions 279 × 70 × 87 in

Snorkel TL49J Towable Trailer Boom Lift (54 Foot)

Lease for $645 per Month

Excellent Working Envelope (Including a Jib Boom)
Hydraulic Stabilizers for Simple Set-Up
Proportional Controls for Easy Operation
Power Line to Platform
54 Foot Work Height
48 Foot Platform Height
7’2″ Inch Lowered Height



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