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 • Standard Length Forks
 • 3-Stage Mast
 • Sideshifter
 • Full Light & Safety Package
 • Premium Tires

The 9L Series offers innovative design that integrates high end features & reliability without the high end price tag.   They are durable enough to stand up to even the most challenging material handling applications.  All 9L Series lifts include economical & eco-friendly high performance, fuel efficient, low emission engines!  9L Series trucks offer accessible maintenance, straightforward operation, enhanced operator ergonomics, and dedicated attention to detail with operator safety in mind.  All Tailift forklifts have CE Certification, are produced in an ISO9001 accredited facility, and meet or exceed ANSI/ASME B56.1 standards.  Tailift has built one of the safest and most efficient forklifts on the market without cutting corners.

Every 9L-Series forklift offers exceptional productivity, maximized visibility, and rugged construction.

STANDARD Perkins 1106D

Perkins 1106D Classification:     EPA Approved
 Displacement:    6600cc (6.6 liter)
 Rated Hp:          156hp @2200rpm
 Max Torque:      504 lb-ft torque @1400rpm
 The six-cylinder Perkins 1106D has almost 30% more horsepower than other
 engines in its class. It incorporates a high pressure common rail fuel system,
 multi-port fuel injection and oil injection to deliver higher eciency than previous
 generations of engines. The ECU electronic control system is completely digital
 with engine self-diagnosis and protection features built in.
 This engine is 100% EPA approved for 
use in the United States

Side Step Easy Entry & Exit 
 The easily accessible step with non-slip
 surface and operator entry handles allow
 for safe entry and exit from the truck.












 Tilt Steering Column Tilt Steering
 Tilt Steering provides flexibility and
 operator ergonomics, allowing for
 adjustments to create a comfortable
 ride for operators of all builds.

Hydraulic Steering Hydraulic Steering System
 The Hydraulic Steer Axle enables very
 tight steering angles resulting in
 excellent maneuverability and overall

Electronic Throttle Control Electronic Throttle Control
 Ample operator foot room and
 electronic throttle control offer
 operators a comfortable and responsive

High Visibility Overhead Guard High Visibility Overhead Guard
 Excellent visibility is maintained through the
 heavy-duty safety cage, and as an integrated part
 of the chassis the overhead guard provides optimal
 durability and protection for your operators.



Joystick Control & Mini Levers Joystick Hydraulic Control (Optional)
The optional Joystick Hydraulic Control is available to control the masts
 lifting, lowering, and tilting functions. The attached armrest, combined with
 short joystick strokes, provide optimum efficiency and reduced operator


 Mini Levers (Optional)
Easily accessible fingertip controls operate the forward/reverse functions. A
 fingertip controlled electric solenoid provides fast and easy directional
 changes, reduces operator fatigue, and leads to more efficient operation.


Deluxe Suspension Seat

 Deluxe Suspension Seat (Optional)
Ergonomically designed, the Grammer Deluxe
 Suspension Seat can be adjusted to accommodate
 a wide range of operator weights and heights with
 both suspension adjustment and generous forward
 and backward adjustability.



Mast Lock System

 Mast Lock System (Optional) 
 For added safety and prevention of
 accidents involving the mast and forks,
 the optional Mast Lock System locks all
 lifting and tilting features as soon as the
 operator leaves the seat.


Dual Front Wheels Stable Dual Front Wheels



Wide Angle Rearview Mirrors 
Wide Angle Rear View Mirrors



Okamura Transmission Proven Okamura Transmissions
 The Okamura transmission was developed specifically for industrial vehicles and
 has industry proven performance and reliability. Creatively designed, the reversing
 of the direction of the stator effectively doubles the torque. Delivering a driving
 speed in low gear that would typically be produced in second gear.
 • Smoother ride with fewer gear shifts
 • Increased Torque Ratio
 • Reduced wear on shifting components, improving performance & durability

Additional Specifications

 Capacity    Q   22000 lbs. 
 Load Center    C  24 in.
 Total Width   B  85.4 in.
 Height (Mast Lowered)    h1    112.2 in.
 Height (Mast Extended)    h4  174.0 in.
 Overhead Guard Height         h6  100.0 in.
 Total Length   R  168.1 in.
 Fork Length   N  48 in.
 Tires (Front/Rear)    4/2
 Front Tire Size    9.00-20-14PR 
 Rear Tire Size    9.00-20-14PR
 Engine Model    Perkins 1106D 
 Fuel Type    Diesel
 Displacement    6.6L
 Rated Power    156 hp @ 2200 rpm 
 Rated Torque    504 ft lb @ 1400 rpm      
 No. of Cylinders    6
 Transmission Type    Power Shift
 Manufacturer    Tailift
 Truck Weight    28200 lbs.


starke diagram side

FD100 Load Capacity Chart 


Weight 56000 lbs
Dimensions 172 × 100 × 110 in

NEW Tailift 9L-Series FD100 22,000 LB Pneumatic Diesel Forklift

 • Standard Length Forks
 • 3-Stage Mast
 • Sideshifter
 • Full Light & Safety Package
 • Premium Tires

We’re proud to introduce our new line of professional high performance, fuel efficient, low emission forklifts.  This series of lifts are built to be durable enough to stand up to even the most challenging material handling applications.  It is designed with high-end features without the high-end price.


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