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Made of high-strength annealed ductile iron, these Steel Machine Rollers have swivel tops that rotate 360° on chrome steel ball bearings to allow for easier turning. The rollers form a “tank track” to revolve around a center load bearing plate in the frame to provide maximum maneuverability.

The weight of the load is transferred directly from the load bearing plate to the rollers, eliminating axle friction and requiring less power to start and move. A spring loaded locking mechanism on the swivel tops, can be engaged in detents at 45° intervals. These units are virtually maintenance free. Steering bars split in two and connect with sleeve for easy storage.

Body Size (WxL): 5.5″x10″
Type of top: Swivel
Overall Height: 5″
Uniform Static Capacity: 8,000 lbs.
Weight: 37 lbs.

Weight 37 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 in

8,000 LB. Machine Roller

Steel roller that helps you maneuver and move extreme loads smoothly around your facility.