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  • 0009832067 Air Filter

    0009832067 Air Filter

    Height                        1.17″/30mm
    Length                        4.65″/118mm
    Width                          8.66″/220mm
    Wt.                             .25 lbs.

    $35.10 Add to cart
  • 46139 Air Filter

    46139 Air Filter

    Height                        1.53″/39mm
    Length                        7.63″/194mm
    Width                          5.94″/151mm
    Wt.                             .50 lbs.

    $13.65 Add to cart
  • 46922 Air Filter

    46922 Air Filter

    Height                        16.72″/425mm
    Inside diameter          7.13″/181mm
    Outside diameter       8.84″/225mm
    Wt.                             3.90 lbs.

    $67.60 Add to cart
  • 580022734 Air Filter

    580022734 Air Filter

    Length                       14.09″/358mm
    Width                         7.2″/183mm
    Wt.                             1.50 lbs.

    $67.60 Add to cart
  • BWPA3953 Air Filter

    BWPA3953 Air Filter

    Height                        1.63″/41mm
    Length                       8.87″/225mm
    Width                         5.31″/135mm
    Wt.                             .40 lbs.

    $36.40 Add to cart
  • BWPA4932 Air Filter

    BWPA4932 Air Filter

    Height                        1.81″/46mm
    Length                       11.47″/291mm
    Width                          5.09″/129mm
    Wt.                             .40 lbs.

    $18.20 Add to cart
  • G110206 Air Filter

    G110206 Air Filter

    Height                        18.94″/472mm
    Inside diameter          5.16″/131mm
    Outside diameter       9.28″/236mm
    Wt.                             5.45 lbs.

    $59.80 Add to cart
  • G140526 Air Filter

    G140526 Air Filter

    Height                        16.44″/417mm
    Inside diameter          5.81″/148mm
    Outside diameter       10.97″/279mm
    Wt.                              6.65 lbs.

    $62.40 Add to cart
  • MD134953 - Full-Flow Lube Filter, Spin-On

    MD134953 – Full-Flow Lube Filter, Spin-On

    Total Source P502067 – Full-Flow Lube Filter, Spin-On

    $11.70 Add to cart
  • P100679 Air Filter

    P100679 Air Filter

    Height                        16.5″/419mm
    Inside diameter          .63″/16mm
    Outside diameter       11.13″/283mm
    Wt.                              7.55 lbs.

    $52.00 Add to cart
  • P103723 Air Filter

    P103723 Air Filter

    Height                        20.13″/511mm
    Inside diameter          5″/127mm
    Outside diameter       9.63″/244mm
    Wt.                             12.40 lbs.

    $102.70 Add to cart
  • P119100 Air Filter

    P119100 Air Filter

    Height                        16.37″/416mm
    Inside diameter          .66″/17mm
    Outside diameter       6.87″/175mm
    Wt.                             3.90 lbs.

    $36.40 Add to cart
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